Tori Day paints ‘overlooked’ objects: humble, everyday things that she feels drawn to and fascinated by; objects that wear the marks of their past with pride – the dented, scratched, chipped, rusty and careworn.

Although her paintings belong to the tradition of still life, Tori prefers to think of her works as ‘portraits of things’. She spends a great deal of time positioning and lighting the objects to bring out the personality she sees in them, to celebrate their unknown history and the generations of unseen hands through which they have passed. Objects that might be about to divulge all their secrets about when, and what, and who.

The small scale of her paintings seems to echo their quiet domestic subject matter, while at the same time drawing the viewer in, so that they might feel just as intrigued as she is by these objects.

Tori paints in oils on canvas or wooden panel, and always works directly from life. Her influences include the Dutch still life painters of the seventeenth century, as well as Chardin, Cotán, Manet, Morandi, Zurbarán, and many contemporary practitioners whose work is also concerned with ‘the overlooked’.

Her work is in private collections throughout the UK, Europe, the US, Canada and South Africa.

For sales, please use the Contact form to get in touch with me. Selected works are available through Nicholas Bowlby, Fine Art Dealer. Please click here to see them on his website.