New Year

Monday 9 January 2017

Back in the studio this week after a long break over Christmas. As usual when away from the studio for a while, it seems I’ve forgotten how to paint. Nothing I try is working out and my brushes disobediently smear. Paintings I completed before Christmas stare back at me mockingly. A bit of a deflating experience after the pre-Christmas sale of ‘The Horse and His Boy’ to an Interior Design company who are kitting out a set of luxury apartments in Battersea. Can’t wait to see pictures of it in its new home.

I have a couple of works in progress that are on hold until my brushes do what I want once more. They’re part of a new series I began last year upon emerging from the MA at Brighton. Charlie had abruptly changed from figuration to abstraction and his vigorous new direction had left me feeling all alone, pointless and lame to be persevering with still lifes. So I tried out something new myself: ‘half remembered objects’ – these had previously been sketches but I’m employing a mixture of observation and imagined objects to create something that’s an in-between state: an almost-thing.
Hornworm 1
Hornworm 2

None of these is finished. The jury is still out as to whether they’re worth it.